Pasture-raised chickens = happy birds and soil regeneration

Each summer we raise white broiler chickens from day-old chicks. We keep chicks in the barn for some time until they are big enough to be moved out to our portable fencing enclosures on our pasture. They stay in these enclosures for the remainder of their time and the enclosures are moved around the pasture throughout the season. The chickens have access to natural food sources like bugs and seeds and have lots of space to walk about and socialize. They have access to shelter in their enclosure, which they use at night time and to keep away from extreme heat, rain, etc.

Chickens are processed at a local abattoir several times throughout the season. Fresh (non-frozen) chicken is sometimes possible, but the bulk of our chickens are frozen for purchase and use year-round.

Chicken range in size from 3-11 lb (whole**)

2023 Prices and Availability (as of May 15, 2024):

Size Price per lb
3-6 lb $6.50  
6.1-9lb $6.00 LOW STOCK
9.1-10lb $5.50 OUT OF STOCK
10+lb $5.25 OUT OF STOCK

Discount offered with orders totalling $100 or more.

**We are currently only selling whole chickens. Please let us know if you’d like to request different cuts for future consideration