Pasture raised hens = happy birds and nutrient-rich eggs

Our flock of laying hens includes Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Black Sex-link and Azure.

The hens are kept out on pasture for three seasons and brought into the barn for winter. The pasture enclosures are moved around the pasture throughout the season. They have access to natural food sources like bugs and seeds and have lots of space to walk about and socialize. They have access to shelter in their enclosure, which they use at night time and to keep away from extreme heat, rain, etc.

The quality of egg from these pastured hens is top notch. The yolks are orange and eggs are generally large or extra large. Customers may request unwashed eggs, which can last for weeks on the counter due to their “bloom” protection, and longer if kept in the fridge.

Eggs are $6 per dozen.

Try a dozen or two, or sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly time slot to ensure we always have eggs set aside for you, ready for pick up.