We care for a small flock of sheep on our farm that are mostly Jacob sheep. Our sheep lamb in the early months of the year and the sheep families spend the summer on pasture. We do not feed the lambs grain during this time, and as such they are grass fed.

At around 7-10 months of age,  we either send lambs for processing, or to be sold to other farms. We have our animals processed at local provincially-inspected processing facilities.

Our grass fed lamb can be purchased by the cut, in a meat package ($100+) or we are able to sell a whole or side (“half”) of an animal. Please email to inquire.

2023 price list and current availability (September 30, 2023):

Product Price per pound (lb) ($CAD) Package size (approx.)
Ground lamb $12.50 0.75-1lb
Stew lamb $13.50 0.75-1lb
Loin Chops $19.00 0.75-1.1lb
Rack of Rib $21.00 1-1.5lb
Shoulder chops $17.00 1-2lb
Leg $15.00 5-7lb
Shoulder $15.00 6-7lb
Shank $13.00 0.75-1lb
Heart $14.00 0.5lb
Liver $16.00 1lb
Kidney $20.00 0.5lb
Other (tongue, bones, testicles) Please inquire

Items in red text denote that we are OUT OF STOCK*

Items in orange text denote we are LOW* in stock

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For packages totaling $100 or more, we offer a discounted price, deducting $0.50/lb or more depending on the item.